Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Angel Award

Mark Haines

Angel Award

Mark Haines

The Angel Award recognizes an individual who has made unwavering contributions to the film festival. This year, the MGLFF will present Mark Haines, CEO and Founder of JumponMarkslist.com with the 2015 Angel Award in recognition of his 12 years of service to the organization. In 2014, Mark voluntarily walked into the offices of the festival and individually sat down with each one of us to share his wealth of knowledge on statistics, analytics and the immense power of social media. Mark enjoyed sponsoring events that benefit the community in an educational and invigorating essence. He has successfully sponsored the film festival since 2003 and continues to serve the festival with the Social Media Onslaught that we all know today as Marks List. Long Live Mark Haines!

August 8, 1960 – November 14, 2014

MGLFF Film Awards

MGLFF Film Awards, with cash prizing totaling $2,200, are offered to film submissions in the following categories:

  • Best Full Length Feature: Jury Selection - $500 + Trophy
  • Best Documentary: Jury Selection - $400 + Trophy
  • Best Short: Jury Selection - $200 + Trophy
  • Full Length Feature: Audience Favorite Selection - $500 + Trophy
  • Documentary: Audience Favorite Selection - $400 + Trophy
  • Short: Audience Favorite Selection - $200 + Trophy